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Official Name: (People's Republic of China) Zhonghua Renmin GongheGuo

Capital: Beijing

Population: 1,285 million

Area: 9.56 million sq km

Currency: Yuan

Religion: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism

Literacy: 82%

Languages: Chinese and other local languages

Major Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Shenzhen

Climate: Tropical in south; Subarctic in north

National Holiday: Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, October 1

Industries: coal; machine building; armaments; textiles and apparel; petroleum; cement; chemicals; fertilizers; consumer products, including footwear, toys, and electronics; food processing; transportation equipment, including automobiles, rail cars and locomotives, ships, and aircraft; telecommunications equipment, commercial space launch vehicles, satellites. 

Natural resources: coal, iron ore, petroleum, natural gas, mercury, tin, tungsten, antimony, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminum, lead, zinc, uranium, hydropower potential (world's largest).

Official Name:Nippon


Population:127.3 million

Area: 377,765 sq km or 145,855 sq mi

Currency: Yen

Religion: Shintoism, Buddhism

Literacy: 100%

Languages: Japanese

Major Cities: Tokyo, Yokohama,Osaka, Sapporo

Climate: Humid & wet

National Holiday: Birthday of Emperor Akihito, December 23

Industries: one of the world's largest and technologically advanced producers of motor vehicles, electronic equipment, machine tools, steel and nonferrous metals, ships, chemicals, textiles, processed foods.

Natural resources: negligible mineral resources, fish.

National name: Taehan Min'guk

Land area: 37,421 sq mi (96,920 sq km)

Population (2012 est.): 48,860,500 (growth rate: 0.204%); birth rate: 8.42/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.08/1000; life expectancy: 79.3

Capital and largest city (2009 est.): Seoul, 9.778 million

Other large cities: Pusan, 3.439 million; Inchon, 2.572; Taegu, 2.458 million; Taejon 1.497 million.

Monetary unit: won

Languages: Korean, English widely taught

Ethnicity/race: homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese)

Religions: Christian 26.3% (Protestant 19.7%, Roman Catholic 6.6%), Buddhist 23.2%, other or unknown 1.3%, none 49.3% (1995 census)

National Holiday: Liberation Day, August 15

Literacy rate: 98% (2003 est.)

 Industries: electronics, telecommunications, automobile production, chemicals, shipbuilding, steel. 

Natural resources: coal, tungsten, graphite, molybdenum, lead, hydropower potential.

National name: Zhonghua Minguo

Land area: 12,456 sq mi (32,261 sq km); total area: 13,892 sq mi (35,980 sq km)

Population (2012 est.): 23,234,936 (growth rate: 0.29%); birth rate: 8.7/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.6/1000; life expectancy: 78.48

Capital and largest city (2010 est.): Taipei, 6,900,273 (metro. area), 2,618,772 (city proper)

Other large cities: Kaohsiung, 2,773,855; Tai Chung, 2,662,770; Tainan, 1,876,706; Keelung, 380,281

Monetary unit: New Taiwan dollar

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin, official), Taiwanese (Min), Hakka dialects

Ethnicity/race: Taiwanese (including Hakka) 84%, mainland Chinese 14%, aborigine 2%

Religions: mixture of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist 93%, Christian 4.5%, other 2.5%

Literacy rate: 96.1% (2003)

Industries: electronics, communications and information technology products, petroleum refining, armaments, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing, vehicles, consumer products, pharmaceuticals. 

Natural resources: small deposits of coal, natural gas, limestone, marble, asbestos.

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