Friday, 2 October 2015



ini adalah senarai resipi yang diberi oleh watak watak dalam harvest moon jika u all bercakap dengan mereka~~~

Sandwiches (from Ellen)

 "What was it?  Oh yeah, here goes.  First, spread Butter on some Bread, then 
put on some cucumbers and tomatoes.  Hard boiled egg is good, too.  Elli tries 
out losts of new dishes on Stu, you know "

Strawberry Milk (from Carter)

" We have been blessed with a beautiful day.  Then, 'Let me tell you the recipe 
of something I often make for the kids.  It's easy, so you should be able to 
remember it.  All you need to do is put Strawberries and Milk in a Mixer.  
It's delicious.  Sometimes I also put in Honey, Sugar and Salt. "

Sweet Potatoes (from Chef)

 "I'll tell you how to make some delicious Sweet Potatos.  Not even Doug at the 
Inn can make these, bubum!  They're our favourite dish at our Tea Parties, 
too.  The ingredients are: Sweet Potatos, Eggs, Butter, and Sugar, bubum. Mix these all in a Pot and then bake in an Oven.  That's 
all there is too it, bubum!  It really doesn't need anything else, either.  
Try it when you get home.  I think you'll like it, bubum! "

Sandwich  (from Ellen)

" Do you want a great recipe for sandwiches?What was it...?  Oh yeah, here 
goes.  First spread Butter on some Bread, then put on some Cucumbers and  
Tomatoes.  Hard Boiled egg is good, too.  Elli tries out lots of new dishes on 
Stu, you know. "

Savoury Pancakes (from Gotz)

" Do you like Savoury Pancakes?  All you do is add the ingredients together and 
fry it up!  All you need is... what was that again?  Oh yeah, Flour and Eggs 
and ... Cabbage!  That's it!  Mix all that up real well, then put it in a 
Frying Pan with Oil.  'Course, you gotta cut the Cabbage up with a Knife 
first.'  You can put lots of other stuff in too! "

Pickled Turnip (from Saibara)

" Thanks very much.  You're a generous man.  You should eat simple foods, you 
know.  You'll live longer, like me. If you agree, I'll tell you a great recipe 
for Pickled Turnip.  It's delicious.  All you need is Turnip, Vinegar, and a 
Knife.  A youngin' like you might want to flavour it with Sugar, Salt and Soy 

Fruit Latte (from Basil)

" I've been meaning to tell you this recipe... it's for a delicious Fruit 
Latte.  Take fruit like Pineapple, Apple, Wild Grape, or other fruit and put 
it in a Mixer with Milk.  It also tastes excellent with Strawberry, Grape 
Juice or Honey."

Chocolate Cookies (from Sasha)

" Well, what a considerate gentleman you are!    How did you learn my birthday? 
You want to learn how to make some fabulous Chocolate Cookies?   Jeff just 
loves this recipe.  The ingredients are Flour, Butter, Eggs and Chocolate.  
You also need Sugar of course and Honey is optional.  The only implements you 
need are a Rolling Pin and Oven.  You can also get by with just Chocolate and 
Cookies, too.Karen likes liquor, but not sweets, you know. "

Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juices  (from Doctor)

" As thanks, I'll teach you a great recipe for mixed fruit and vegetable 
juices.  I don't have anything to write it down on, but just remember it, OK?  
The ingredients you need are Strawberry, Pineapple, Grape, Carrot, Cucumber, 
Cabbage and Apple.  If you forget any of these, the recipe won't work.  You 
need a Mixer and a Knife if you have one.  If you add sugar and salt, it'll 
taste better, too.  You can add any other Fruit or Vegetable you wish.  I hope 
you like it! "

Scrambled Eggs (from Lillia)

" Today is my birthday, you know.  Thank you so much!  How old do I look?... 
While I'm thinking of it, let me tell you the recipe for Scrambled Eggs.  It's 
easy.  All you do is put Oil in a Frying Pan, then put in the Eggs.  That's 
it!  But it won't taste very good like that.   Use a Whisk to fluff up the 
Eggs, or add Butter and Mayonnaise.  Kids love it that way.  Some people say 
you should only have one egg per day, but I say eat all you want! "

Fried Noodles (from Zack)

" I was going to tell you how to make some delicious fried noodles.  All you do 
is put oil in a frying pan and fry the noodles.  That's it!  You can even add 
Eggs or Vegetables to make it taste even better." 

Fried Rice  (from Harris)

" I bet you're like I am: too busy to spend lots of time cooking.  Well, here's 
a really convenient recipe for Fried Rice.  First, put some oil in a Frying 
Pan, then add Egg and Rice Ball.  You can add other ingredients to taste, but 
be sure to dice them with your Knife first.  Seasoning with Sugar, Salt, and 
Soy Sauce makes it tast even better! "

Popcorn (from Kai)

 "Gee... Thanks!  You're the only guy who's ever nice to me you know.  You want 
to learn how to make popcorn?
If you want, I'll tell you.
Don't forget, now!
All you need is corn and a Frying Pan, although it tastes better with Salt or 
Butter on top. "

Ice Cream (from Barley)

" You don't have to curry favour with me, young man!  Thanks, though.  Want to 
learn how to make ice cream?    May makes me make it for her all the time.    
All you need is Sugar, Milk, and Eggs, and of course a Whisk and a Pot.  May 
loves it when I slice up Pineapple and Apple with my knife and add it in with 
Honey.  Myself, I like it with Wild Grapes.  You should give it a try! "

Cheese Fondue (from Doug)

" As a thanks, I'll tell you the recipe to my famous Cheese Fondue.  Have you 
heard of it?  Don't forget this now.
The only ingredient is Cheese.  Use a knife to cut it into bite size bits.All 
you need is a pot!  If you want to make it even better, try adding Salt or 
Wine.  You'll love it! "

N.B. from Aloysius' journal:  Very Important!  Doug forgot to mention that you 
need BREAD for this!!!  The recipe is fabulous, if you add Bread to the 
Ingredients as well.  Without Bread, it simply DOES NOT WORK!  Curious 
omission on his part.  Perhaps he really does not want any one else to be able 
to make HIS Famous Cheese Fondue.

Boiled Spinach (from Manna)

" Anyway, thanks very much. do you always give presents to the townspeople like 
if you're going to give them to some, you have to give to everybody now.  Not 
just the pretty girls, you hear? !  Ha ha!  Anyway, thanks again!    
Do you cook?  I'll tell you a great recipe for Boiled Spinach?  Don't forget, 
now.  All you have to do is boil Spinich in a pot and then put some Soy Sauce 
on top.  It's that simple.  Are you sure you don't need to write it down?  
Well, if you say so! "