Sunday, 16 August 2015


Full name:Republic of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublika)

Capital City: Vilnius

Language:Lithuanian and Latvian


Religion: Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, evangelical Christian Baptist, Russian Orthodox, Judaism, Islam

Area: 25,174 sq mi

Population: 3,525,761 

Literacy: 99.7%

National Holiday: Independence Day, February 16

Industries: metal-cutting machine tools, electric motors, television sets, refrigerators and freezers, petroleum refining, shipbuilding (small ships), furniture making, textiles, food processing, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, optical equipment, electronic components, computers, amber jewelry.

 Natural resources: peat, arable land, amber.

official name: Eesti Vabariik

Capital: Tallinn

Population: 1.4 million 

Area: 45,100 sq km or 17,413 sq mi


Religion: Christianity

Literacy: 100%

Languages: Estonian (official)

Major Cities: Tartu, Kohtla-Jarve

Climate: Cool summers and cold winters

National Holiday: Independence Day, February 24

 Industries: engineering, electronics, wood and wood products, textile; information technology, telecommunications. 

Natural resources: oil shale, peat, phosphorite, clay, limestone, sand, dolomite, arable land, sea mud.

Full name:Republic of Latvia

Capital City: Riga

Language:Latvian (official)

Currency: Lat

Religion: Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox

Area: 24,903 sq mi 

Population: 2,178,443 

Literacy: 99.8% 

National Holiday: Independence Day, November 18

Industries: buses, vans, street and railroad cars; synthetic fibers, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, washing machines, radios, electronics, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, textiles; note—dependent on imports for energy and raw materials. 

Natural resources: peat, limestone, dolomite, amber, hydropower, wood, arable land.